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Flowers are the plants glory. The product of all the love, healing and energy from the ground, rain, sun and the entire spiritual forces in nature. It shows the value of the plant. It has in its nature, the personality, passions, vibrancy, and determination and above all else, to shine and show the world the best it can possibly be. It is the heart and soul of the plant, producing the seed, the genetic code of the whole species for millions of years. It has perfected itself to become the best it can be, showing the face to the world and saying I'm here, I'm happy and I'm beautiful just look at me! When you ingest that character (the signature of the plant) the divas, the ground and all it has to offer, has a profound effect on your mind, body, spirit and soul. It can create great joy and release all manner of negative, ingrained programming from your whole patterning, placing instead a beautiful harmonious resonance all around you, your family, friends and everyone you come in contact with. Essences are more than just a few drops on the tongue morning and evening, they are a total connection to a better way of living, thinking and feeling. If you are feeling good this rubs off on everyone you meet. Relationships gel. Friendships and businesses take off. Life becomes enjoyable, instead of a daily battle against all odds to survive. The plant is just being. Doing what it is doing. It will thrive, if it is happy and flourish. If a plant doesn't flower ask yourself why. Is it being nourished, loved and getting enough light? Are you being nourished, loved and getting enough light? If the answer is no, then take a flower essence and it will show you how.

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About Me

My name is White Hawk. I am a medicine woman living and working in London England. Healing isn't something I thought of as a career. It just happened naturally.
In 1986, I was introduced to homeopathy and flower essences when I began Yoga to help with the birth of my first child. I found it worked really well for me. As a child, conventional medicine always disagreed with me. (I was often violently sick after almost everything I was given). Since then I haven't looked back, turning to natural alternatives as a way of life. My healing ability opened up after Alex my first son was born in 1987. In 1993 I met an essence maker, who introduced me to my own gift. I started making essences for my clients that came to me for healing. I found that the essences were giving them a massive helping hand. So decided to make them more widely available.

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About you

Is there something in your life you would like to change? Maybe you would like to get less angry at the kids, or be more motivated at work? Perhaps you need to slow down a little and find time for you. Could your love life be a little more interesting? Perhaps you need to re-build your life after an upset or trauma? We have an interesting range of essences to suit all kinds of people and situations… What ever you would like to change or transform in your life we aim to help you. Be prepared for change and transformation.

If there is anything you would like to ask personally, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.

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Love Potions

People may think of love potions as something you take to make someone fall in love with you or to attract people to you. Well in this case its partly true, however there is a serious side more than that. The essences I call love potions help to break the patterns and release the pain form the past so you are less likely to repeat past mistakes. There are there to help you move onward and upwards. And yes they do attract people to you! They are:
Aphrodite, Dark Secrets, Power of Love, Beautiful World, Broken Dreams, Sex, Two Lips, Steamy and Fantasy Island.

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Indigo Children

The term Indigo children is a relatively new. It has been used, as the predominant colour of their aura is indigo. Indigo children are born from 1978 onwards and are spiritual and psychic. They have a strong sense of whom they are and what they want to do in the world. They can be rebellious and often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. These children may be difficult to live with, as they know the way they want things done. They can be very artist and creative with good imaginations. They are bright and come out with astounding wisdom more than their years. There have been written several books on the subject and there is a web site So if your children are difficult to handle have a look at the web site and see if your children are indigos, chances are they are.
Essences for indigo children. Children respond well to essences. I have used essences on all of mine since before they were born. I cannot really say that I have specifics for children, as their problems are as wide and as varied as adults. However I can suggest a few that are particularly helpful. Power Of Love, Magnolia, Hero, Karmic Helper, Refresh your Memory. Guardian Angel.

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Angel Essences

There has been growing interest in the past few years in Angels. We can call upon Angels for help and support in our lives. I have created a set of Angel essences to help you connect more with Angels in your life.

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The Signature of the Plants

Sometimes I compare flowers to people. If you saw someone wearing flamboyant brightly coloured clothing. They would often be outgoing. If they were dressed in something simple, they would be less outrageous. It is the same with plants. The detail of the petals and whether they are buds just opening or a flower coming to the end of its bloom also have a part to play. The buds relate more to infancy or childhood and more open buds to maturity. The colour of the flower corresponds to the colours of the energy centers, or charkas, If you are in a black mood it is often a white or yellow flower that can help. (White being the opposite of black). This is the simple guide. There are many other factors involved in essence making such as whether the flower comes form a bulb or is grown from seed, or from a hardy shrub. Different people making an essence with the same flower would produce a different essence. An element of that person that goes into the essence too. So if two people made an essence from daisies, they would different. The essences I make are unique to New Life Essences. I choose to give my essences names, other than the name of the plants to describe what the essence is about. People often relate to the name of the essences more than they do to the botanical name. I know this to be true, as when people ask me the name of the flowers, they often have a blank expression on their faces when I tell them. However I have chosen, on some of the essences, to name the flower, when I feel it is appropriate. What I have written is just to give you a little understanding of plant lore.

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