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Please use the links below to navigate through our extensive catalogue of essences. You may find it useful to read the section on Choosing Essences before you start.

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choosing essences

Under each essence there are sections describing different attributes. This is to help to determine which essences are for you. However it isn't necessary for all the information to be relevant. Many people decide for themselves what they would like. Some people dowse to decide. Although often people just know which ones they are drawn to the most. If you would like help choosing essences, contact me and I will happy to help.
Emotional: This describes the emotional effects.
Spiritual: This describes the spiritual effects.
Land: This gives the spiritual information on the affects the essence has on land.
Colour: This gives you the colours the essences resonate with to help those who work with colour therapy.
Crystals: This gives the effect the essence has when used with crystals.
Animal: This gives you the animal totems that the essence most equates to. Good books on this subject are 'Animal Wise' and Animal Speak' by Ted Andrews.
I ching: This is an oriental method of divination based on the balance of different elemental energies, which the essence corresponds to.A book for reference is I Ching by Will Adcock ISBN 1-84309-153-4
Personal notes: These are personal comments I have made about the essences.

essences catalogue index

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catalogue of essences

APHRODITE Yellow and red Tulip
Personality Profile: Named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite was worshiped as the goddess of calm seas and prosperous voyages. Also of gardens and tender plants such as roses and myrtle. She was thought to have risen from the foam of the seas and stepped on to land from a seashell. Another story thought her to be the daughter of Zeus. Aphrodite and Eros (her son), play a part in this essence too.
Emotional: This essence gives a woman a chance to be loved again, by instilling in her the secrets of good loving relationships and ancient female wisdom in this matter. Gives strong feminine traits, working on the principals of universal law that govern this. Also protecting your delicate femininity within (hence the shell). Shows you how to move on and move up, bring out your best female energy and show you how to make the most of it. Fires arrows from your heart, (Eros), to those who need it most. It lets those around you know that you care for them. Strengthens the bond of love between two people. Brings inner security for outer appearances. Compliments your actions. Brings out the love you put in to the things you do. Lets men know they are appreciated. Spurs them into action to help more and be more loving. Aids beauty in the singing voice. Shows you the best way possible to win a mans heart and admiration. Every woman has her own secrets in regards to love. Aphrodite brings out the mystery in a woman making her more attractive to men. Teaches you how to best look after yourself, health and looks. Challenges old ways, often inherited of obtaining and keeping a man, giving the truth were love and relationships are concerned. Gives a relaxed demeanor and calm loving energy. Silently knowing the best way forward. For men it brings out loving feelings again when there has been heartache, giving the much needed support and energy to trust again in relationships. The word aphrodisiac, (derived from Aphrodite), can be applied as it makes the taker more desirable.
Colours: Red and yellow
I Ching: 48 The well. Water 75% above Air 25% below
Personal Notes: I particularly like this essence. It is strong but gentle. It helps you use your feminine energies to full effect without them being abused. Use it together with the essence 'sex' for a stronger effect.


BEAUTIFUL WORLD Pink and white Azalea
Personality Profile: For beauty and appreciation of life. For ambitious friendly, kind and considerate warm people, who want to get on. They wont tolerate hangers on but do have time for others who are deserving of their time. They face many changes often in quite short spaces of time and don't have a problem letting go of the past. Combats negative thinking and feeling low. Releases inner strength, especially when facing adversity. Introduces positive powers and intuition. Gives grace and support from higher levels. Lets you know your not alone and there are others like you. Gives feelings of harmonizing with the world around you. Helps in adjusting to new places and people. Suitable for those with worries and tensions, especially around the neck and shoulders.
Emotional: Sends thanks from the heart and soul to those you truly love. It can attract the right people when you need them. Allows the love you give out return. If you consider it a little late in the day, its never too late to have fun, a partner and a little romance. This essence helps it happen. For bringing out the best in your artistic creative abilities, use a few drops twice a day on hands and throat. To attract people to you, use a couple of drops a day on your heart centre. Soothes disturbed sleep and encourages restful sleep and wonderful dreams.
Crystals: Clears negative energy from crystals and sends love and harmony out from them.
Colours: Pink and white light.
Personal Notes: This essence is one of my favorites. It's obviously a lot of other people's favorites as well as I often get asked for it.


BLUE VELVET Blue Flag Iris.
Personality Profile: Good for sensitive people. Helps fright and dislike of the dark. Clears the way for working with the intuition. Helps communication. Soothes anxious emotions. Releases living skills. For gardeners, craft people, dancers and artists it allows inspiration to flow naturally and easily with out interference from others affecting the work. Protects and purifies. Accesses wisdom and valour. It acts as a companion when alone, giving you a sense of not being alone. Helps those who have been imprisoned by situations by showing the answers and solutions within. Releases inner conflict. Helps you accept that you may need help from others at this time.
Spiritual: Creates a pyramid of protective energy when evaporated, which can be used for healing meditation etc. Unlocks purity of spirit within those who have had life times of working through karma, but have come up against a lot, i.e.: difficult and unhelpful people and those who still hold a grudge, long after you have released your part of any bargain and have given forgiveness. Allowing into life, helpful soul mates with the same aims and goals as you.
Emotional: Creates a sense of peace and well being even after persistent traumas.
Elements: Ether 60% Air 40%
Personal notes: I've always loved the blue flag Iris. It strong blue petals with yellow flames has always appealed to me. It can be used in an incense burner. When I used it in this way I felt protected and at peace. Its wonderful pyramid energy is very comforting in this day and age of constant outer turmoil.
Contains edible food colour.


Personality Profile: Helps people who haven't had an easy time. They've worked hard to give others, especially family, a better life yet, now that everyone is grown up, they feel unappreciated. Nobody seems grateful for all they've done. Caring, they worry about others, always ready to sacrifice their own needs to take on other peoples. This essence helps people see things from another perspective, so they can understand themselves and others more fully. Helps those who ache within. Releases bitterness, pent up anger and resentment, especially when built up of a long period of time.
Emotional: Helps alleviate negative emotions that lead to feelings of resentment. Encourages self-esteem, a positive outlook and healthy emotional growth. Identifies and challenges feelings of martyrdom. Releases bitterness, worries and fears, especially concerning others.
Spiritual: Releases old soul ties. Opens the heart chakra.
Colours: Yellow.
Elements: Fire 50% Earth 50% I Ching: 35 Chin
Personal Notes: The rhubarb is a bitter tasting plant and is used for good old fashioned Rhubarb crumble. When left to grow, on occasion it will flower. It is the flowers that when taken helps release bitterness.


Personality Profile: Heals childhood and old traumas. For those who have had ups and downs to do with family and relationships, but through thick and thin remain faithful and true to those around them. They enjoy holding on to idealistic nostalgic thoughts even though they know in reality times were not always good. Helps re-balance emotional energies that relate to the solar plexus and naval chakras. An indication of a good time to use this essence would be in the early stages of common ailments so that negativity doesn't take hold.
Emotional: Releases past traumas, especially in childhood, allowing the memory of the experiences without remembering the pain. You can look into the past; get in touch with your emotional well being, whilst making positive changes. It assists the re-evaluation of you and your relationships, whilst retaining self- esteem and loyalty to others. Cleanses, balances energy. Protects the aura.
Colours: Violet and green
Elements: Ether 70% Mountain 30%.


This essence could also be called Frees' ya or New beginnings. All these names are relevant.
Personality Profile: Suitable for those with addictive personalities. It fills the gap within and in doing so releases the dependency on external things.
Emotional: Helps come to terms with losses, upsets and disappointments after things hadn't turned out the way they where hoped. Removes old imbedded negative emotions and releases them. Cleanses the aura. Eliminates negative states of mind that led to doom and gloom. Gives a deep calm and inner nurturing. Pacifies and purifies. Helps you become you. Promotes rare individualistic characteristics. Harmonizes with surroundings, plant and animal life. Brings abundance in whatever way it can along with inner peace and happiness. Reduces negative states of mind allowing in self-love.
Spiritual: Opens crown chakra and higher energy centres to angelic realms. Frees old connections especially when you have long paid the debt. Tie breaking with old partners or those who have been close. After divorce, bereavement separation disconnects any ties remaining that hold you in past pattern, karma, thoughts, actions.
Colours: Pale yellow and white light.
Tarot: 10 of swords
Personal Notes: This essence came about after a friend sent me a gift of a candle scented with freesias. I lit it in my meditation room and very quickly felt very calm and free. I began singing softly to myself as simple music and lyrics came though me. I felt the same way I do at festivals, very free and inspired. I thought the effect it had was interesting so began to look through books to see if I could find anything out about freesias. Finally in a bookshop I managed to find a couple of lines in an aromatherapy book. All it said was that when people had spiritual experiences of seeing angels, it was often accompanied by a smell. People described that smell to be of roses, jasmine or freesias. It has become one of my personal favorites. Extremely useful for many people in many situations. I often recommend it.


Personality Profile: This bright sunny plant is often been used to relieve doom and gloom. Suitable for those who suffer with mood swings and gloomy feelings, especially in the winter. Helps those are to be up at night, by letting in light. It helps bring about positive life changes, by illuminating the way though the transitional period. Useful for sensitive or nervous timid types who worry about anything and everything. For people who have been bruised by life or hold on to old injuries.
Emotional: Gives feelings of calm and well-being. Helps control fright and panic. Good for exam nerves and night studying. Clears deep-seated emotional traumas, lightening your load, ready for new beginnings. Helps decide what's important and what isn't. Gives a strong sense of right and wrong.
Spiritual: Gives protection from negative forces, especially at night. Breaks old negative soul ties, strengthens positive ones. Balances the chakras, cleanses the aura.
Colours: Bright yellow.
Personal Notes: I was guided to make this essence on 24th June (one of the longest days of the year), at mid-day. In magical traditions it was used at this time to make a remedy for protection against evil spirits. I found this information out after I had made this essence. You can draw your own conclusions from this.


Personality Profile: Helps outgoing people. Good for busy people who have accrued a wealth of experience from life, both good and bad. For grounded, practical types that like exercise, the outdoors and those who are open and giving and who enjoy sharing things. Opens the consciousness to the bigger picture. Helps in going with the flow of nature and to ease transformation.
Emotional: Releases traumas and helps stabilize fluctuating moods, especially those that lead to gloom. Accesses inner creativity and healing abilities.
Spiritual: Helps connect with divine energy, angelic realms, the universe, planetary energies and the effects they have on our lives. Clears spiritual pathways and aids transformation. Attunes to the Universal energy, (or source).
Colours: Blue and white.
Personal Notes: You can rely on this pretty spring flower to brighten any up garden after the darkness of winter. My childhood garden was a wash with them every spring.


Personality Profile: Releases fears of the unknown. Promotes forgiveness so you can move on and promote healthy connections. Removes old stumbling blocks. Allows in good deeds. Releases inherited negativity, so that ancestral bad deeds no longer affect you. Leaving you feeling you have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Releases controlling people, who have caused rejection or abuse whether physical, sexual, emotional or mental. Makes changes so you are stronger to resist the will of others. Allows you to say no, without guilt. Stops judgmental attitudes. Helps those who have tried to harm themselves in some way through pressures of others, guilt, low self-esteem and bad lifetime experiences and may have considered suicide or attempted suicide etc. Releases ancestral negative traits i.e.: bad experiences at war, murder, desperation or desperate behavior. Good for those who have issues with their fathers.
Spiritual: Releases ancient energy of hexes and curses. Creates time and space for repair from the damage they have caused. Works on good karma created in this life helping the good you deserve come back to you. Releases inherited negative family karma, which you are not responsible for.
Colours: Red and yellow.


EYE ON BRIGHT Ornamental cherry blossom
Not to be taken orally.
Personality Profile: Grounding. For those who are so '' laid back '' they accomplish nothing and are a burden to others. Helpful for people who require inordinate amounts of sleep, or are constantly tired. Helps those who are affected by the full moon. Effective for anyone who has trouble ''coming down'' A suggestion for those who suffer from hay fever and allergies is to spay your environment with this essence thus grounding dust, bugs and germs.
Emotional: Helps identify and deal with problematic emotions, i.e. hates and uncertainties. Re-calibrates the body by grounding it in the physical world. Spiritual: Grounding for healers, mediums, psychics, clairvoyants, and astral travelers and grounding during sleep. Helps to tune to earth energies.
Land: Cleanses land and buildings.
Colours: Pink and earth.
Home: Not harmful for the environment. It helps discharge negative energies and renders them inert. Spraying when sneezing and it will help alleviate aggravating energies in the atmosphere.
1. Before vacuuming or cleaning try spraying lightly around the room to help cut down on static.
2. Spray on windows/ glass/ lino or wooden flooring and wipe with a dry cloth.
3. Spray lightly on a clean cloth to collect dust from all surfaces. (Do not leave surfaces wet). Spray rooms lightly to help stop dust and dirt settling.
Personal notes: I've always loved the ornamental Cherry tree. My childhood home has one at the bottom of the garden that always bloomed on my birthday.
Personal Notes: I often picked the flowers as a child and floated them in water unwittingly making this essence.


FANTASY ISLAND Michaelmas daisies
For communication. It builds a bridge between you and others so communication channels can open by sending out from you rays of light across land, water, rock and also into the earths atmosphere then coming back down like a satellite to send the positive energy that you need for yourself and others. For individuals who feel apart or different from mainstream society, or those who have a lot to offer, are miss-understood or interpreted, but who's intentions are good, it helps bridge any gaps.
Emotional: Clears negative feelings, loneliness and desperation. It helps forge new positive relationships with those who are like-minded. For those who often work or live alone, it gives little offerings of peace back to you. Clears out dated ways of thinking and feeling. Gentle and uplifting.
Spiritual: Helps heart connections with spiritual forces. Connects soul consciousness with those who need to enter your life. Connects to universal consciousness and laws (karma). Helps expectant mothers to forge stronger spiritual links with the baby.
Colours: Resonates with pale violet and pale yellow.
Personal notes: This unsuspecting flower, (blooming in late summer), has a gentle healing quality. Sadly it is often it is considered to be a weed and destroyed.


Opens your being and allows you to spread your wings and fly. Reduces rigidity and inner aching. Gives inner comfort. Creates space for mobility. It is good for anyone working with the body, yoga, dance, sports etc.
Emotional: Releases fright and negative emotions from the upper body. Allows in feelings of well being.
Spiritual: Connects to the cosmic spiral, like the double helix or caduceus symbol of the two snakes, hence also up and down the spine, figure of eight.
Colours: Lilac
Personal notes: A friend who picked up my children from school one day. On the walk home my 7 year old, son Gabriel saw a flower and wanted to pick it saying mummy should make an essence from it. My friend who was a homeopath agreed and they brought it home for me. I immediately got my bowl and started to make an essence. Luckily although it was late October, we had some sun that afternoon. The result is an interesting essence I called festival of flight. My friend tried it with me. We both experienced an opening up the bodies energy centres down the spine, throat chakra and across the shoulders.


FIRE FLY orange pansy
Firefly helps unblock obstructions. Creates abundance within what is possible at present. Brings awareness of limitations so you work within these boundaries. Gives inner space to work through difficulties when the time is right. Brings awareness of those who control and their limitations. Releases blocked female energies, clearing obstructions. Helps the ebb and flow of the female moon cycle, regulating its energies.
Emotional: Works on giving nurturing to the emotional body where it is need most.
Spiritual: Helps you master your own destiny and work through any deep-seated karma or issues that need to be looked at. (This may take up to 10 months). Brings trust in universal law and everything happening in the wholeness of time. Connects to outer consciousness and external forces.
Colours: Bright orange, yellow, pink, amber and violet.
Personal notes: A friend came to visit me for healing. I knew that I needed to make a new essence for her, so I bought a bright orange pansy the day before. As I began to make the essence a thunderstorm began and when I was ready to bring it in, the storm stopped and a rainbow came out. My friend and I had some later.
I Ching: No 40 Hsieh. Thunder above 50% Water below 50%


FREEDOM DANCE calceolaria
Releases jealousy, anger and bitterness, from the past or present. Good for all types, although those who most need it are talented, artistic or academics. For musicians, painters, singers, writers, dancers, to solicitors, teachers, therapists etc. who come under attack wittingly or unwittingly from negative forces. Gives protection from attack for the future. For those who's family and friends are constantly trying to manipulate, or cajole them into doing things they don't want or like. This manipulation may be in the guise of gentle persuasion, when those around you say they are doing it for your own good. Or because they care, they wouldn't want you to do the wrong thing. It releases you from these limitations, leaving you to decide what's right or wrong for you.
Emotional: Releases feelings of fear from external forces. Gives feelings of self-trust and security. Reduces fluctuating mood swings, erratic behavior, anger and frustrations, bringing confident behavior. Calms nervous people. Creates inner peace and better self-control. Releases tension in the solar plexus energy chakra.
Spiritual: Protects from spiritual attack, the soul and aura. Allows contacts with the inner soul and reasons for living. Helps access your spiritual pathway. Breaks negative soul ties. Good for working to clear old negative African energy.
Colours: Yellow and red.


FUCHSIA SUCCESS cherry blossom
Aids change, growth, prosperity, and love. A definite must for the essence cabinet.
A hypochondriacs' nightmare! Helps relieve negative emotional states, including doom and gloom. Releases bad childhood memories. Nourishes and replenishes your inner being. Promotes sensitivity without vulnerability. Reduces feelings of frailty.
Emotional: Cleanses, protects and strengthens the aura. Helps ground energy. Carrying a bottle helps give psychic and spiritual protection. Helps to relieve severe pressures associated with trauma, accidents and injuries, rebalancing and rebuilding from the inside, out. Helps tune to earth energies, moon movements and flowing water. For uncomfortable feelings use a few drops externally to those areas affected. Helps to focus and steady the mind, dissipating negative thought associations. Helps maintain a healthy life style. Helps retain energies that are lost. (It can be used in circumstances when arnica is suggested). Its gentle energies are excellent aid children too. Good for aiding regeneration of the foundational inner structures. Allows you to get your teeth into life. Eases discomfort in the feminine moon cycle, and associated problems.
Spiritual: Frees the heart chakra from old soul ties, removing fears and blocks for the future. Has protecting and gentle energy. Wishing and wishfulness.
Colours: Fuchsia pink.
Crystals: Clears crystals and charges them, giving warm, vibratory qualities.
Massage: This remedy can be mixed with a little grape seed oil and used for massage, reflexology and healing. Accelerates healing and recovery. For dancers and sports people it helps retain inner suppleness and warmth.
Note: When using Fuchsia success in your bath do not have the water too hot.


Primarily for people who have not, or feel they have not, had a particularly good or easy life. People who have constantly helped and cared for others to the detriment of themselves but, have never given a great deal of themselves away to others, for fear of intrusion. These people have strong feelings and emotions and cover them up. They don't give themselves a great deal of credit for their achievements, or consider they've achieved nothing at all. They're quick to put others before themselves.
Emotional: Reduces negative and defensive thinking habits. Reinforces self-esteem, positive attitudes and behavior. Balances the head energies. Enables life to be embraced warmly and openly with a brighter out look.
Spiritual: Cleanses the aura. Opens the heart chakra. Improves perpetual clarity during therapies, meditation, past and present life regression, especially when dealing with childhood aspects.
Colours: Yellow.
Crystals: Gives crystals a warm vibratory quality.
Personal notes: This simple garden shrub brightens gardens flowering in the spring.


GUARDIAN ANGEL (combination essence) lilac, apple blossom, blue bells
Higher self essence. Finds your inner most angelic realms and helps you work with it.
Emotional: Encourages you to find your true potential. Gives inner love, peace and harmony and confidence.
Spiritual: It guides you from within and harmonizes you with your surroundings. It is important that you are led from within knowing what to do and when to do it. Links you to universal energy, flowing water, the sky, planets, rocks, trees and the love that is in everything. Gives a stronger connection with outer guidance. Helps when working together with others who are like-minded, knowing that it is possible to all work in harmony. Balances mind, body and spirit. Brings in healing energy.
Colours: Purple, pink and white.
Personal notes: This is a combination essence that was made during an essence workshop at my 40th birthday festival weekend. (The flowers were chosen jointly).


HEAVEN SENT pink hyacinth
Calming. Aids gentle relaxation and sleep. Puts aside trials and tribulations, leaving positive, warm feelings. Reduces panic attacks and fright. Introduces loving energies into your life. Helps you recognize who isn't giving you the right kind of love and support. Helps alleviate the tensions that life brings. Helps to put the mind at rest. Supports soft relaxed dream states. For anyone who needs to seriously chill out.
Spiritual: Gentle support and abundance.
Colours: Yellow white and cream.
Personal notes: This essence has a soft warm quiet energy.


Suitable when courage and strength is needed. Aids recovery from traumatic situations. Encourages emotional strength in those who suffer from debilitating or life threatening situations. For every day life and struggles. Helps those who find interviews, career or domestic changes difficult to cope with. Encourages a stronger sense of what's right and wrong, enabling you to stand up for yourself and be true to what you believe. Eases fire energies and the damage it causes to your external self. Releasing heat and explosiveness. Excellent for creative people who have an affinity with nature and affection for animals.
Emotional: Strengthens all chakras and your inner being. Releases childhood and adulthood traumas. Combats moral uncertainty and ambiguity. Reinforces courage and helps to reduce uncertainties and anxieties i.e.: examination nerves, stage fright and interview butterflies. Strengthens and boosts self-esteem and self worth.
Enhances existing creative talents in artists, chefs, craftsmen, carpenters and gardeners.
Colours: Green and earth.
Personal notes: When I had a bath with this essence I noticed that after getting out, the scratch on my arm had completely disappeared.


HAPPY HOME cabbage
For heavy loss, or emotional upset ie: heartache or bereavement. Breaks ties and emotional attachments (that prevents people from moving forward) alleviating self-pity, self-denial, bitterness and cold heartedness. Deals with moodiness and deep gloom. Allowing life to be lived and enjoyed.
Emotional: Breaks negative thinking patterns and encourages positive attitudes. Effective when emotional re-adjustment is necessary after profound upsets and loss, mood swings and heartaches. Helpful when the outside world affects your inner being, especially those who find the summer months distressing. Supports those who would like to be able to be out side in nature but find its influences a destructive problem.
Spiritual: For re-balancing the chakras after sneezing, upsets and tiredness. Mild grounding effect. Cleanses the chakras, especially the heart third eye and Base. Helps release firmly entrenched old soul ties.
Personal notes: I suffered with hay fever since child hood, however it hardly ever bothers me anymore. Seemingly ordinary plants can make wonderful essences. I have personally used this essence in high summer since I first made it.


Helps everyone working through karma. Good for those who are spiritually aware. However it will also help others understand the laws of karma and how it affects them. Helps relate to the changes that come with working though karma.
Emotional: Gives grounding. Reduces panic and rejection. Brings up past traumas and effects healing for them. Crystallizes the importance of relationships and soul ties. Releases bad karma and destroys any hold that anyone still has over you, allowing you to move on. Helps adjustment to new situations. Releases trapped anxious energies. Helps guide and channel the right energy to you. It helps individuals face the passage between this life and the after life. Helps you let go of unwanted patterns and energies within your being that are no longer required by the souls pathway. Releases the soul from new or old covenants with negative forces. Transmutes negative energies that have the potential to break down, or destroy. Reduces the effects of strain.
Colours: Red and yellow.
Personal notes: This essence has had some interesting results. It helps me at Karma clearing workshops.


LAUGHING MOON pink fuchsia
Balances fire and water. For ebb and flow, it helps you take life in your stride. It is said in oriental medicine that water and fire are the two most important elements to balance.
This is a useful essence that can be helpful in many life situations.
Emotional: Caring and appreciating magical moments pleasure, beauty, peace tranquility. Cleansing of past negative acts enforced on the taker, especially sexually. Brings a balance of fire and water into the blood. Helps to dissipate anger. Helps despondency and self-hatred. Helps low self-esteem. Helps you release things that are no longer needed. Brings peace and calm when there has been dissatisfaction. Dance, femininity, fluidity and movement. Balances water energy within and eases the ebb and flow of the female moon cycle and female change. Releases excessive heat. Reduces the effects of a fluctuating disposition giving a more even temperament, cleansing the life force and making gentle life changes. Working with male energies, it helps with the flowing and giving to the life process.
Spiritual: Advancement of the soul. For intuition and nurturing, forming loving bonds with others and the inner child.
Colours: Resonates with fuchia pink.
Elements: Water 50% above Fire 50% below
I ching: Chi Chi number 63
Personal notes: Outside my local greengrocers, stood this magnificent fuchsia. I knew it has to come home with me. Grown in the shape of a standard it had tumbling flowers cascading from its branches. I asked the friend I had staying with me if he would join me in a ceremony to bless the tincture during and after making. He agreed and added the much needed male energy to it. The results were two essences laughing moon and rising sun.


LIONS' SHARE chrysanthemum
Emotional: Helps emotional traumas, (large or small), brings inner peace and joy. Helps to achieve your true potential and experience life to the full. Happiness can come with a price. It pays the price so there is little or no sacrifice for the things you want or need. Goes to a deeper level, beyond human rationality to attain your true needs. Releases fright from the heart charka, sending love openly and fully without suffering abuse. Calms the inner child and soothes hurt and fright from the past. Reduces feelings of isolation. Promotes emotional stability where it's lacking. Helps acceptance by those who matter to you. Cushions the blow of negativity happening around you. Promotes energy flow though the charkas so that fulfillment of all functions is achieved. Good for those who suffer infirmity. Reduces attacks of fretfulness. Gives freedom to move forward peaceably and naturally. Relaxes the mind and allows it to flow. Attunes to bright yellow, sunshine and brings out inner sunshine.
Spiritual: Connects to the Christ consciousness. Opens lovingly and safely the third eye so that you see the right things in the right people at the right time.
Colours: Bright yellow.
a) I am at one with the world and the world is at one with me.
b) I am love. Love has no boundaries, so therefore nor do I.
Numbers: Vibrates to the number 52/7.
Elements: Water 50% Fire 25% Air 25%.
Personal notes: Alex, my 11-year-old son went to by some chocolates for me for Christmas. He went to a shop were they sell hand made Belgian chocolates. He wanted to by a box, but the price of a box was £4.10. He only had £4.00, so he decided to buy £3.00 worth of chocolates in a bag and with the £1.00 he had left over he purchased some cut flowers for me. By the time he got home, 2 flower heads had come off, so I popped them straight into a bowl of purified water in the kitchen to make this essence.


Combats miserable and gloomy states. Helps bouts of feeling low, especially in winter. For people who like to make the best of themselves, but never seem pleased or satisfied with the results. Caring about the opinions of other people, they stress and worry about anything and everything out of all sensible proportion. They're prone to isolating themselves, even while in the company of others, thus protecting themselves. Conversely this protective behavior can also be flamboyant and outrageous, keeping others at a safe distance. For those who may only cultivate one or two close friendships with people they feel are truly trustworthy. Other indicators include nail biting, constant colds and flu and an inability to remain calm for long. Rejuvenates and renews outer layers.
Emotional: Helps deep relaxation helping to relieve many uncomfortable states of being. Calms and revitalizes. Helps relieve effects of long term debilitating unhappy states. Gives a lighter, more positive outlook.
Spiritual: Cleanses the aura, cleaning and unclogging heavy negativity. Helps clear sticky energy from the head and crown chakras.
Crystals: Clears and charges crystals.
Colours: Violet.


LOVE AND LIGHT white hyacinth
Allows love and light in, especially when there has been darkness and fear, giving the healing process a massive helping hand. Good for calm, sensitive people. Promotes forgiveness and compassion.
Emotional: Destroys negative thinking. Aids positive growth in many ways. Helps break down and destroy that which is no longer needed.
Spiritual: Re-charges your spiritual batteries, renewing your hope and faith in human nature. It aids regressive therapy, helping take a look at karma created in this lifetime, in an objective and un-emotional way. It helps make connections that are the most important ones for you. Frees the heart of old soul ties, re-balancing, mind, body and spirit, guiding towards positive growth for a harmonious future.
Colours: White and white light.
Crystals: Heals and 'loves' crystals. Charges crystals by up to 80%.


Helps you appreciate the here and now. Helps those with serious pressure, un-wind and relax, enjoy time off. Appreciation of yourself and those around you. If children wind you up, it helps you respond to their demands with practicality, so you organize time so that they are occupied, so you can relax more. Basically saying switch off disconnect from the trivia and chill out!
Emotional: Stabilizes emotions i.e.: divorce, bereavement, moving home etc. Reduces the affects that pressure causes. Helps repair the system after long-term draining situations. Creates inner peace and tranquility. Helps re-build your life after major upset. Shows you little rays of sunshine amongst the doom and gloom.
Colours: Cream.


MAGNOLIA magnolia
Promotes peace and tranquility. Helps you deals with day to day difficulties or adverse situations. Repairs damage caused by constant pressure and worry. Helps nervousness, stiff attitudes, and inner aching. Allows a breath of fresh air. Helpful for people with addictive personalities, the fearful or paranoid, jumpy children, adults or animals. For demonstrative, affectionate types, who feel hard done by, or denied of life's pleasures. Good for people who have disadvantages or difficulties. Gives older people more comfort.
Emotional: Brings feelings of well being. Enhances positive behavior. Redirects anger and fright. Gives intuitive understanding of situations that bring out these feelings. Let you receive a positive response from those you care or worry about. Allows you to love yourself and others more fully. Appreciation of what's around you. Opens to possibilities and opportunities. Cleanses and clears the charkas. Releases anger and aggression so you can stay with your inner calm. Controls air energy flowing in and out. Aids restful sleep and softens disturbed rest patterns. Releases past upsets. Controls panic and fright. Good for pressured situations i.e. driving tests, exams etc. For shock and accidents with adults and children. Restructuring you form the inside. Creates time and space for repair. Rejuvenation of this life times robe. Aids time and motion study. Helps older inner structures.
Colours: Creamy white.
Personal notes: The magnolia tree gets beautiful as it gets older. In this there holds the key to this essence. I learnt that when magnolia seeds were found in the Egyptian pyramids and planted now they grew trees that had 5 petals on each flower not 7 as we have today.
N.B. The Native Americans have a saying that when you die you drop your robe.


Spiritual: Ascension. Connects to higher forms of consciousness, inner or outer guidance and angelic realms. Cleanses, clears and protects the aura. Suitable those who want to broaden their perception or spiritual people who would like a to achieve a higher degree of spiritual knowledge. Taken over a period of time helps first to achieve greater wisdom, protection and healing abilities, then assists in achieving higher levels of awareness, (hence the essence having two names). Releases energies in the heart chakra. Helps form stronger bonds within positive relationships and soul ties. Aids regression and spiritual growth.
Emotional: Calming. Releases emotional rejection. Deals with fright and phobias. Helps collect thoughts; sort them out putting them and life in order. Gives warmer demeanor and out look. Transmutes negative energies and releases them. Aids positive energies. Destroys negative thought forms, doom and gloom and desperate situations. Helps in achieving maximum potential.
Crystals: Gives them positive vibratory qualities then incorporating this energy into buildings and land.
Colours: Iridescent white and pale green.
Personal notes: When I remade this essence I was aware of four angels surrounding the bowl. One person commented that she saw angels while taking this essence.


For individualists, extremists and activists who are either cool and laid back or fly off the handle when life becomes difficult. Alternatively it can help those who are awake all night turning things over in their heads but are so tired during the day that they are unable to produce there best work. Good for those under exhausting pressures from changing circumstance or situations. Helps those prone to panic. Allows a deep breath without fear. Encourages you to rest and sleep, naturally. Good for travellers.
Emotional effects: Calms reactions to pressured situations. Encourages routines of regular waking and sleeping, and so receiving the best possible rest and exercise. Which brings better productivity and allowing you to take on responsibility comfortably, so that you rely on yourself, to turn up with the goods when they are required of you. Reduces the risks to health that long term pressure causes.
Massage: Tones and comforts. Releases tension. Good for active, busy people.


MOVING MOUNTAINS orange and pink tulip
Emotional: Motivation. Allows you to move forward without resistance. Calming and relaxing. Releases tension. Promotes organisation skills. Putting your affairs in order. Kicks you into action, getting you to do what needs to be done so that you can get nearer to your dreams and ambitions. Helps clearing the old and bringing in the new. Finishing unfinished projects. Fung shui. Clutter busting
Spiritual: Opens the heart chakra and solar plexus.
Colours: Orange, pink and red.
Personal notes: Made next to the famous Keukenhoff gardens in Holland. Helps connect to people and places. Understanding other cultures and customs. Helps you to relate to the needs of others and shows you how to give support to them. Helps those who are juggling children, home life and careers. Good for single parent families. Sharing. Equality. Giving and receiving. Making time for others. Good for travellers.


PEACHES & CREAM peach blossom
Creates sacred energy in those who like answer and fulfill their calling in this lifetime. This essence suits individuals keen on improving themselves.
Emotional: Helps you love yourself and others more fully. Gives a brighter outlook. Gets rid of doom and gloom and destructive behavioral traits. Opens the mind to the bigger picture of life. Helps you take control over your life and wishes and so enjoy life to the full. Strengthens and improves talents and abilities. Leaves old inhibitions and negative lifestyles in the past. Releases worries and inner frustrations, allowing fulfillment. Strengthens intuitive understanding of natural law and order. Mothers you by making you feel more special and loved. Good when there has been love depravation. Helps problem children and animals that have outlandish or difficult behavior or are withdrawn or unhappy. Allows you to relax and let your hair down, even if you don't have much!
Colours: Peachy pink.
Spiritual: Cleanses and clears the charkas. Attunes to higher consciousness. Gives clear and concise indications of the souls purpose. Attracts you to others like yourself who feel the need in life to create more than those, who are happy just to let life pass by. Helps unlocks inner wisdom and power and welcomes the tree of knowledge.
Personal notes: The Orientals have known of the power of the peach for centuries. The Chinese God of longevity holds a peach in his hand. The pretty pink blossom is traditionally used to herald the Chinese New Year. This essence was made on Valentines Day.


Promotes love, harmony, understanding, compassion and inner peace. Created by the flower divas it works positively on all aspects of your being. It focuses on current problems and heals emotional unrest. Guides you to the correct pathway, giving support on the journey. Releases harmful, negative emotional ties and creates positive connections i.e.: friendships, relationships etc. Encourages a positive outlook. Promotes inner beauty and strength. Raises self esteem. Helps pin point aims and ambitions. Good at times of emotional crises, heartache, bereavement, divorce, separation etc, by having a calming affect and helping come to terms with loss. Alleviates shock, fright, doom and gloom and panic. Helps to give a multidimensional view of life. Smoothes life's ups and downs. Alleviates weariness in times of turmoil and confusion helping towards a happy and contented life.
Colours: All the colours of the rainbow.
Contains edible food colouring.
Personal notes: On the 31st of August the sad news broke of the death of Diana Princess of Wales. Floral tributes from all over the world poured in to London. On the day after her funeral I felt compelled to go to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham palace to pay my own respects. I took with me a bottle of purified water. Kneeling with the flowers, I asked the divas to create an essence. The result is this essence, Pink Angel. It is my tribute to Diana. (No flowers where touched or disturbed during this process).


For letting go. For giving love and receiving love.
Emotional: Brings relief from un-settled emotional states (especially for women), smoothing out the highs and lows, raising self-esteem and promoting inner beauty. Good for men who need to relax. Carries out gentle loving work. Repairing damage caused by resistance or interference from yourself or others. Sends out beautiful loving colours from your aura. Lessens the affect bad love affairs making you ready to love and be loved again. Making good choices for you for the future. Brings rewards for your efforts, by allowing you to receive gifts from others un-conditionally. Lets people warm to you quickly and easily.
Spiritual: Cleanses the aura letting go of dark energies that have been around you and hindering you. Giving way to your pathway, but not in a passive or conforming way. Letting go of resistance knowing the consequences of fighting against natural flow, universal law, and your life purpose. It takes you by the hand to follow your undeniable truth. Love conquers all. What has been preordained is the sources will and yours. You have agreed to your journey/ pathway, (you will be good at it). This essence gives you love, understanding and support spiritually to carry it out. Attracts to you those who are able to give you love and support for your work. Shifts you gently into the right mode for your lifes purpose and making you less likely to postpone it.
Colours: Deep reds and gold.


Good for people who have difficulty putting their lives in order and achieving any kind of balance. Helps awareness of your needs, when to rest and sleep, improving productivity during waking hours. Promotes earlier and easier waking after deeper, rest. Especially useful for people with a subliminal fear of the dark who stay out or stay awake at night, using dark clothing and denial of sleep as a shield against fear. (When life isn't enjoyable you put things off by staying awake).
Emotional: Releases negative states of mind. Balances the energy. Mild grounding effect. Helps combat energies that attack the well being.
Colours: Purple and yellow.


For people with many interests, arts, music, food, travel etc, so many they don't know which to sample first. They love to actively participate but they don't have the energy. For anxious nail biters etc, it calms the nervous system and prepares them to take more on board. Giving a mild grounding, enabling you to connect with others more effectively. Gives understanding of physical needs so you can actively realize and enjoy your own particular talents. For those who work or study at night or dislike the dark. It helps coping emotionally with blindness. Helps you rid yourself of that which is harmful to you and encourages natural responses to repair and replenish damage. Enlivens and encourages productive wakefulness. Helps to identify legitimate wants and needs. Relieves pressure caused by undirected, wasted energy expenditure. Equalizes energy levels and protects the aura. Mild grounding for a more solid rest.
Emotional: Restores energy equilibrium. Helps pace and re-order thought processes. Aids emotional self-awareness. For fear of the dark and night- time studying.
Colours: Deep purple, red and gold.


Gives a wider perspective, showing aspects that you've forgotten. Presents options that you may not have considered. Gives another look at those around you, so you know what they are capable of and how much support they can give. So you do not rely to heavily on them, when it is beyond their ability. Ideal for business people who have to hire people, give promotion or responsibilities to others.
Emotional effects: Helps those who suffer sadness and a restricted view of life. Releases fear of uncertainty for future. Helps with appreciation of nature and wild life. Guides to a more natural way of life. Helps alleviate tension allowing you to spread your wings. Benefits those who have visual disturbance by stabilizing the inner person. Gives an inner understanding of colour and in so doing, a greater appreciation of life.
Spiritual: Cleanses and balances and brightens the charkas.
Colours: Peach.
Personal notes: I gave this essence to an artist who remarked that it make things appear more colourful.


Not just for those who have a bad memory or poor recollection or studying. It can remind you of what you originally set off to do in this lifetime. Gives you the courage of your convictions and leads you gently back to the knowledge and the truth you came into this life with.
Emotional: Releases negative behavioural conditioning. Reduces water and balances fire. Releases uncomfortable feelings of what is ahead, so you can walk forward in life without fear. Introduces new positive mind powers. Re-establishes familiar feelings and emotions. Compares relationship patterns with the past and present, helping you resist parent and peer pressures and indoctrination. Assisting you towards your own undertakings and goals.
Spiritual: Cleanses, clears and balances the chakras. Opens the heart chakra allowing you to take a breath of air.
Colours: Yellow, blue and gold.
Crystals: Re-tunes crystals to earth energies.
Land: Re-calibrates land after major disruption and upheaval to give a regulated positive earth energy drive.


REPLAY crocus
This essence affects the individual on a subtle energetic level. Opening up the intuition to higher vibrations. But you have to work with it and live with integrity. Even eating, speaking, and being at a higher level, so that as you put out improved superior integrity. You get back superior integrity. The essence just helps you to tune into this more. Between it's effects and your sensitive application of effort, good progress can be made.
Emotional: Letting go of inner childhood fears and emotions such as insecurity and jealousy, breaking past patterns. In so doing helps you take control of your life. Creating a much more stable place within. Letting you see a new way of doing things. Helps to reclaim lost positive natural connections with childhood. Inner trust and truth. Rekindling pursuits that are enjoyable. Brings out positive abilities or personality traits that were lost or abandoned. As we all have such different experiences of childhood and abilities the affect of this essence will be different for everyone. Brings out delicate energies without feelings of vulnerability. Controlling sexual urges and helps you use them wisely and correctly. (Tantra). Brings out creativity and rekindles imagination. As a flower produced from a bulb it is a slow working essence that works on many levels. Helps in understanding and making more of a connection with children. Good for all parents to increase a positive connection with children and understanding what they individually require. Cleanses the base chakra gently opens the heart chakra and third eye.
Connects with running water, ebb and flow of life and life energies and in so doing helps clear emotions. The Bright orange stamens help to balance out the soft energy of the lilac coloured flowers.
Personal notes: Crocus stamens are hand picked and used as a delicacy in Indian cookery as Saffron. I have loved the favour saffron since I was a little girl. There are many things I have noticed on this essence. Including more sensitive taste buds and being able to see auras better.
Colours: Lilac and orange.
Personal Notes: There are many things I have noticed on this essence. Including more sensitive taste buds.


RISING SUN pink fuchsia
Rising Sun helps with indecision; life changes, cleansing the life force. Rapture, enchantment, pleasure, beauty, peace tranquility advancement of the soul. Cleansing of past negative acts enforced on the taker, especially sexually. Frees awareness safely. Brings fire into the blood. Helps where there has been despondency and self-hatred. Helps low self-esteem. Helps you realize that you can get by with a lot less than you actually have. Helps curb tendencies to over shop or use shopping to bring pleasure. Helps bring in maturity when it is long over due especially in males. Reduces anxiety.
Colours: Bright pink.
Personal notes: See laughing Moon.


For decision making and risk taking. From business meetings, interviews, buying a home or car, building an extensio, planning a new venture, this essence permits clearer thinking and strengthens intuition. For the terminally ill, or chronically sick in body, it gives support actively participate in life.
Emotional: Reinforces positivity. Helps in all uncertain, risk taking situations, whether business or relationship oriented. Lessens blinkered and self-destructive attitudes. Gives a stronger sense of right and wrong, encouraging you to trust your instincts. For psychics, healers, mediums it helps tune to spiritual guidance, earth energies and the Universe. Clears mental and spiritual pathways for meditation, chanting, and the giving of healing. Helps the positivity thats sent out return. Protects from negativity by creating a deflector shield. Encourages natural resistance to dis-ease. Good for those working with the sick. Cleanses, clears and balances chakras, bringing a love and harmony.
Colours: Yellow and silvery white.
Home: Clears negative energy from metals including kitchen sinks, jewellery etc. Use 10 drops of Saviour in 6oz of water and spray surfaces. Leave for 20 minutes and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Personal notes: This essence was made from a wild flower that decided to spring up in my lawn. I feel the risk aspect comes from the plant taking a risk growing where is may not survive. Some times risks are a necessary part of life as without risks nothing new can happen to us. Thus breaking free of our own self imposed boundaries.


SEX fuchsia
Made from fuchsias during a thunderstorm. Sexual energy. Helps bring about change and realizations. Encourages sexual and creative energy. Promotes fire where it is needed. Promotes self-esteem. Clears slow stale energy making you raring to go and join in with life. Helps with lack of energy. Helps promote a health drive in men and women. Reduces insecurities, encouraging out going behaviour. Basically it gets you off your bottom to do something good with your life. Reduces fears and phobias.
Spiritual: Introduces positive soul connections bringing people of the same energy and soul group together. Attracts potential soul mates and makes your energy sparkle and shine. Uplifts the spirit.
Colours: Gold, violet and emerald.
I Ching: No55 Feng Thunder 50% above. Fire 50% below
Personal notes: This is a great essence for breaking the ice at parties and more than just a talking point!


As with other tulip essences this essence helps affairs of the heart. However unlike other essences that help heal the heart from the pain of relationship break ups etc, it has another dimension. Because its from a bulb it helps with pain and heartache that has been inherited especially on the female line. In some ways it's similar to the essence ''Dark Secrets'' releasing traumas, depression and desperation, but on a more subtle feminine level.
Emotional: Good for those who have issues with their mothers. It finds the grey areas of upset and trauma and all the energies that are hidden or bottled up by women who carry on with life, so they can look after their families. Often these women have had there hearts broken and have settled for second best or the best they could get in times when they needed to or were expected to get married, raise a family etc aware that their body clock was ticking. It lifts heaviness of the heart, brings a brighter disposition, and challenges old ways of thinking and the conventional look at relationships. Brings calm. Relieves desperation to do with partnerships. Helps after divorce, bereavement, and separation. Attracts new and different types of people broadening your perspective on what types would be suitable for you, allowing their energy in. Helps relieve old heaviness and weariness.
Spiritual: Brings in new love by releasing the old soul ties, family patterns, complaints, fatigue, and resentment.
Colours: Pink, white and blue.


SOCIALITE Campanular
Bring you out of your shell. Reduces reclusive behavior. For those who would like to socialise, dance or party. Encourages outward behaviour, especially if there has been a tendency to be reclusive. Gives a sense of safety and security when alone. Helps when you have to face crowds or new situations. For those who are worried about how they are regarded, it brings confidence and strength in company. Helps combats insecurity. Good for interviews and meetings when you need to shine and give your best. It affirms the knowledge that you are you're own best friend, while enabling you to trust in and understand others, more easily.
Emotional: Identifies past, present and potential future commitments. Helps decision-making where relationships and their meanings are concerned. Releases fears of new places and people.
Spiritual: Protects the aura. Reclusive behavior can happen because the aura is unprotected.
Colours: Dusty pink.
Buildings: Protects buildings and land.


SOUL RETRIEVAL calceolaria
Re-connects to lost or missed used energy. Promotes love and well being, making you feel more whole and connected to life.
Emotional: Creates inner emotional calm, inner strength and vitality. Calms, upsets and traumas from the past, present and future. Releases the fear of events that have not yet happened, peril or foreboding. Guides to the right path and actions thus avoiding bad situations. Relieves constant worry. Gives you a boost.
Spiritual: Gives protection from negative forces and promotes positive energy. Re-connects to lost or missed used energy that has been taken in this lifetime or others, with or without permission. Gives back what is due. Gives the authority to ask for any fragments of soul that are missing, to be returned. These fragments are of no use to anyone else, ultimately as they only belong to you. No one has the right to take what is yours. Or this is a form of spiritual theft. It is suggested that you make the affirmation below to make the essence activate. Indications of missing fragments are people who feel cold even in warm weather. (This missing energy can take sometime in returning0.
Colours: Red and yellow.
Affirmation: I your full name ask that my soul be returned to me cleansed and purified in the name of the lord, Amen. Repeat this 3 times.


SPECTACULAR Auric essence of pink and white snap dragons and lobelia.
Creates calm, releases traumas.
Emotional: Controls anger, fear and rage. Brings peace. Allows in love and forgiveness. Promotes rest, good attitudes to people and relaxation and makes you feel young again. Releases worries, tensions, and frustrations. Eases emotional disturbance at the onset of upset to abnormal well being. Good for releasing congested feelings. When used in bath, it brings out sensitivity and sensuous feelings. Resonates with love and angelic realms. Promotes positive reactions and emotions and controls them. Chill out big time!! Inner happiness. Wishfullness, wishing, manifesting thought forms into positive life style. Worshiping the source and gratitude for all things. Promotes un-judgmental attitudes and un-conditional love.
Spiritual: Calms the heart chakra after shock, fear, anger, frustration and rage.
Colours: White, blue, pink and yellow.


STEAMY Pink and white tulip.
Love and be loved, like a flower to a bee. Promotes feelings of liberation. Encourages sexual behaviour and enjoyment of the sexual act. Attract and be attracted by others. Increases sensuality and sexuality. Releases tendencies to be closed to sexual contact and releases inhibitions of a sexual nature. Arousal of sexual centres and breasts. Makes you feel good about yourself and your body. For those in relationships who have gone off having sex. Promotes and encourages creative activities i.e. Painting, sewing, dancing etc. Brings about feelings of liberation.
Personal notes: Made in Holland in the Lisse en Sassenheim tulip fields. My first thoughts when seeing the blooms was of pretty pink bridesmaids dresses and weddings because they reminded me of bridesmaid dresses. It made me feel quite emotional. When made however I discovered it brings up sexual feelings and promotes sexual behaviour. I feel it could be useful in situations were couples wish to create more passion or where one partner has very little or no sex drive.


TIME IMMEMORIAL Dotted Loosestrife
Heightens perception of life and how you've been living it. It makes you realize what you've been missing, or respect and appreciate what you've got and whether it's good or bad. Clarifies thought processes, helps you work out what you really want from life.
Emotional: It helps you sort out the wheat from the chaff exposing things for what they are and not what you think they could be, allowing you to learn from past experiences while not being influenced by them. Reduces feelings of fretfulness and rejection. Brings calmness, relief and a positive out look. Combats heavy negative states of mind. Prepares you for change, new direction and renewed stored zest for life. Releases trapped or blocked energy, especially in the lower limbs. Increases momentum. Especially good for weariness when unrelated to lack of sleep or heavy workloads by moving blocked energies. Helps those who feel exhausted by life.
Spiritual: Helps energy to flow especially up though the earth and lower chakras. Crystallizes the importance of old soul ties and how they effect or relate to you. Shows you your inner knowledge of divine universal laws. Karma and the Kabbalah.
Colours: Yellow and gold.
Crystals: charges crystals 200%.
Buildings and land: Reverts the energy of land and buildings back to natures positive energy, clearing water ways and lakes etc. of negative vibrational fields and changing external forces i.e.: building work, repairs or reconstruction to do with new or old property.


TOWER OF STRENGTH Dotted loosestrife
Aids those who lead active busy lives or those who would like to. Especially good for people who have had long term debilitating problems by giving emotional and inner strength. For severe panic, demanding experiences, nervous adults and jumpy children.
Emotional: Strengthens and helps retain a energy. Calms nervousness. Helps control the lung meridian energy centers and regulates it. Releases traumas. Clarifies thoughts. Releases heavy negativity. Strengthens positive emotions. Protects from vulnerability.
Spiritual: Grounding. Breaks spells, curses and the energy, envy or jealousy leaves around you. Re-affirms belief in your own abilities, when those around are constantly judging, criticizing or trying to influence you. Encourages progress and challenges life and situations, when there has been procrastination or lack of enthusiasm. Remembering your path way and your soul is your own and not some-body else's to control or live. Balances and protects and strengthens the aura.
Lands: Helps tune to earth energy and nature.
Colours: Yellow and green.
Buildings: Clears buildings and land of negative energy, leaving it positive.


TRAUMA CONTROL begonia rex
Helps in all kinds of traumatic situations. Controls shock and fright. Helps when experiencing changes in life circumstances.
Emotional: Creates calm within. Controls mood swings. Helps deal with the emotional response of shock and fright, i.e., car accidents, hospitalization, bereavement or when facing an operation. Helps coming to terms with being alone, even in company. Balances and stabilizes energies and protects from negativity. Helps with problem states of mind. Releases moodiness.
Calming, giving tranquility and inner stillness. Soothes restlessness.
Spiritual: Protects from spiritual disturbances. Releases negative vibrations.
Buildings: Controls shock waves that result negative forces including earth tremors.
Colours: Greens and red.
Note: It is suggested that you do not use on children below the age of puberty or pregnant women, as they should not experience this level of inner stillness.


TRUTH African rain daisy
Truth. Inner knowing. Assists by promoting within you, universal laws and how this governs life. (If actions go against universal law negative results prevail). It guides you to go with universal law, helping you make your actions, positive steps forward. In return bringing positivty to life and good connections.
Emotional: Smoothes emotion imbalance where there's been upset or trauma. Creates inner peace and tranquility. Helps after bereavement comforting the mourner and giving a gentle knowing in the after life so that there isn't such a strong sense of disconnection. Promotes positive energy where there has been dysfunction. Corrects imbalance and promotes natural flow of male and females energies. Balances female energy and helps regulate the ebb and flow of the moon cycle. Controls male natural urges, anger and aggression. Promotes a peaceful outlook promoting other viewpoints. Harmonizes with surroundings whether in the town or city.
Colours: Violet, purple, pink and green.
Spiritual: Unlocks inner wisdom. Creates space for esoteric learning. Brings in the Christ light to touch you. Strengthens connections with angels and higher spirit guides.
Crystals: Gives a gentle healing quality tuning them to higher vibrations. When sprayed it helps earth bound spirits connect with the light so they can finish their journey.
Lands: Clears negative vibration to land, giving a peaceful quality when there has been disruption by building works, crowds, noise, violent vibration and earth tremors.
Personal notes: I call this essence in jest the truth drug. I have found it useful when people need to connect to their inner truth and know what is right or wrong for them.


Helps those who have many things they want to achieve, but find situations or people get the way.
Emotional: Helps address what you need to do and what you don't. Shows you who you should give energy and love to. Helps your inner core remain still, even if a lot is constantly happening around you. Quietens the mind so you can focus on one task at a time. Helps when others are interfering in your affairs and trying to persuade you in a direction, which is wrong for you. Allows you to know what feels uncomfortable and right, so you to make the right choices. Encourages you to rest even when you still have things to do, so you achieve more at other times, pacing you according to your ability or strength.
Colours: Coral.
Personal notes: I took this essence for sometime before I noticed a difference. I found that when I went to do some work, the family disturbed me, stopping me from doing what I need to do. One day after I had been writing for sometime, without disturbance, I realized I had been working for longer than usual. Even the telephone did not ring. I understood then that it sends out a message to the universe, that you should not be disturbed if you have something important to do.


WHITE LADY white pansies
Emotional: Opens doors, clarify thoughts, sort out messages from the universe and universal codes Promotes peace and moving forwards in the right direction, getting rid of past habits and behaviour. Helps links to others to open up and strengthens people's positive role in your life, changing the future for the better. Helps in overcoming challenges. Cleanses meridian lines. Understanding of life's' purpose. Instills grace and graceful thinking. Will not allow you to tolerate petty behavior, Will act swiftly to overcome this. Ultimately moving obstacles. No judgment just action. Getting rid of those who try to control. Measuring. Balances and reforms female energies. Helps negative thoughts and despondency. Removes ''dead wood'' from life, relationships, traumas from this life and past incarnations. Regulates ebb and flow in female energies and reforms them. Releases mood swings with regards to this. Helps smooth emotional mid-life changes. Combats discomfort during the middle of the female moon cycle. Gives a womb-like inner wholeness and clears negative female states.
Spiritual: Helps connect to guidance from starlight and astral planes. Converts that which is not wanted into that which is.


WISHING WELL bougainvillea
Emotional: Wishing and wishful ness. Helps to bring into your life what you need without a struggle.
Spiritual: A communicator, it cuts though all the "traffic" in the ethers to send out clear messages, allowing you to receive what you need and deserve. It gives extra dimension to receiving and sending all types of healing or information, of a positive nature to individuals, or groups and group consciousness. It helps practice radionics with ease. Use it to instigate self-healing, or to attract to you what you need at this time in every facet of your life. By spraying a mirror it makes it possible to use it like a purple plate. Excellent for healers, mediums or people who meditate or chant. It sends out messages without interference from the ethers. Protects from individuals who try blocking you. It can be used for regression. To tune into deeper levels of consciousness use it on the third eye. It can retrieve lost knowledge of the ancient civilizations while channeling. It will not increase sensitivity or vulnerability. Protects the soul.
Buildings and lands: To attract to buildings and land what is required, spray twice daily for a fortnight and wait. You should see changes in wild life and vibration.
Colours: Purple deep purple and violet.


YOU - yew
Made from an ancient Yew tree it gives a strong grounding and inner strength.
Emotional: Protects all levels of consciousness. Helps low self-esteem and promotes inner beauty, love and visions of future happiness. Gives patience and understanding in the waiting process. Gives special awareness. Carries linear information of what can be expected at what time. Reduces boredom when life doesn't seem to be progressing very fast. Handles disappointments by knowing that everything in life happens for a reason. Reduces nostalgia. Remembering events without the need to hold on to objects. Clutter busting, Feng Shui. Strengthening.
Spiritual: Grounding. Connects with ancient soul roots from past life times, giving clear memories or feelings about them. Brings up special parts of those life times and how they relate or could relate to you now. Creates strong soul connections and love between men and women who are embarking on staying together for a long time. It helps you to discern who is your soul twin and soul partner. Helps with long term commitment and also to disconnect after long term relationships, (tie cutting) leaving you able to move on.
Land: Connects to ancient sites, land, civilization and sacredness for life.
Colours: Resonates with forest green, ivory and earth.
Animals: The animal equivalent would be the buffalo. When taken with animal essences it helps bring these attributes in more strongly.


How to use the Essences

  1. All essences (except Eye on Bright) can be taken orally. Suggested daily dosages are usually 3-5 drops 3 times a day.
  2. When carried there energies can come through into your aura.
  3. Use 10 drops in your bath.
  4. Use 10 drops in 1 pint of water to spray in plant atomizers.
  5. Place 4-5 drops on the palms of the hand and apply directly to the skin or hold palms 2-3 inches away from the charkas.
  6. Use on the feet or hands to affect healing, (reflexology).
  7. To clear stale energies from clothing use a few drops in your washing machine.
  8. Large areas, buildings, gardens, and lands can be cleared, cleansed of negative vibrations. Try adding a few drops to water based paints.
  9. Essences with crystals increase the vibrational range and potency of both. a) Place 1 - 2 drops directly on crystal, OR b) Place up to 4 drops in a bowl of water and soak crystal for 20-30 minutes.

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Storage Notes

Store in a cool dry place. Use un-perfumed soap when bathing with them. Don't store with aromatherapy or other strong smells. (Essences contain subtle messages, if they come in contact with strong smells, these subtle messages can be damaged, making them less effective). Do not keep them in or on the fridge or freezer. They are best kept somewhere personal.

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